Physiotherapy Cardiff


Sports Massage is about applying deep and specific pressure along the muscle lines, and is an effective treatment for your muscles, tendons and fascia.


Sports Massage increases elasticity, breaks up scar tissue, reduces tightness and prevents/treats Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS).


You don't have to be a Sports Person to feel the benefits.


Ultimately used as a treatment for pain relief, but is used in addition to relax muscles, encourage healing to an area and eliminate  tension headaches. 

Acupuncture has become more westernised and scientific from the old Chinese methods that work on 'energy flows'. Now it is commonly used under the term 'dry-needling' or 'Medicinal acupuncture' to avoid confusion from the traditional Chinese methods. 

Acupuncture is proven to work well with muscles and can eliminate back, leg, shoulder and neck pain.


Spinal Manipulation role is to improve quality and quantity of movement and decrease pain.

The manipulation uses High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust (HVLAT or HVT) to create a quick burst pressure around the vertebrae to release pressure and generate normally a audible click/crack. This improves range of motion in the joint that was before limited. Resulting effects also include pain relief and muscle relaxation.


This piece of equipment sends sound waves into the tissues and how it works is that it 'excites' cells, which will encourage proliferation and healing of the targeted area. In addition, it can also reduce pain of targeted area.

The ultrasound waves get easily absorbed into collagen, which makes it a great treatment for ligament and tendon issues.


It can reduce pain, encourage good posture and even improve endurance performance. It works by lifting the skin and taking pressure off pain receptors while also increasing blood flow to and from the area, enabling more nutrients and oxygen to get to the area and removing more waste products away, delaying fatigue.  

This becomes an excellent application for endurance based events and competitions and is commonly used for marathon runners and team sport players.

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