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Here you will find the ultimate guidance for reaching your fitness goals. I have qualifications in all areas of fitness and health including injury management, exercise, nutrition and psychology. Learn more about me and my qualifications on my about page.

I make your problems my problems and we will work together to get the results you want. 


"...working with Adam was absolute fun. He would give you all the little details you need to know, push you harder during the exercises, verify and correct your nutrition plan and is always ready to answer any question you got (however silly they sound). And that was why I was comfortable working with him. I have lost 10kgs in these two months training with him and hope to go further with what he has taught me. Thank you again, Adam" - Farhan Noor, Nov 2015

Body Transformation Cardiff Personal Training

Progress over 10 months

Fitness Coaching is their as a  guide and to motivate you, but the hard work is up to you to put in the gym and at home. Be ready to give 100% commitment and let's achieve the goals you want. 





There are a couple of plans to choose with pricing starting from £90 per month

Be quick as there are limited spaces available! 


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