Please refer to the FAQ's below, but if you require any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Email: adam@layzell.co.uk

Frequently asked questions


Where can I find you?

My Clinic is based within The Gym, Cardiff, on the first floor of the Capitol Shopping Centre. On Arrival, push the button on the wall to ask for assistance and tell a member of staff you have arrived to see me and they will kindly direct you to where you need to go. Free parking available at the Captiol Shopping Centre car park.

How do I get the free parking?

All you have to do is bring your ticket to the gym, and I can validate it within the gym to give you 2 hours free parking. After your treatment or session, take your validated ticket to the payment machine and the fee will automatically be taken off. Then proceed to leave as normal. If you are parked longer than 2 hours, fees (although reduced) will apply.

Do I need to be a member of The Gym to use your services?

Not for the Sports Therapy Services. Anyone can come and recieve treatment in my clinic. Just let a member of the Gym staff know you are here to see me and they will let you in. If you wish to recieve personal training, then unfortunately you will have to be a member of the gym. The fee is only £16.99 a month (plus a joining fee on the first month). The membership entitles you 24/7 access to the gym and all it's benefits.

Do you sell any products?

Yes! In my clinic I offer a variety of products for sale including vegan protein shakes, shakers, multi-vitamin tablets, resistance bands, RockTape and more! My supplies do change now and again, and I will take requests! Email me any requests or enquiries to adam@layzell.co.uk and I will see what I can do

Do you have any promotion or competitions?

Yes! I am always doing competitons and offers on my facebook business page at https://www.facebook.com/LayzellFH/ Like the page, so you don't miss out!

Sports Therapy

Can I have your treatments if I have allegies?

Yes! Most treatments aren't affected by most allergies and I can work around those that do. Just make sure I am aware of any allergies at the beginning of our session.

Are your treatments painful?

That is very subjective based on the patients pain thresholds and the problem I am working with. Sports massage, acupuncture and manipulations can cause a degree of discomfort for some, but I will always work within your pain thresholds and feedback during the treatments. Ultimately these treatments are there to make you better and a little discomfort in the short term can mean a lot of relief in the long term. The benefits normally out weigh the negitives.

Personal Training

Can two of us have personal training together?

Yes you can! I will work with a maximum of three people in any one session. This way you can train, learn and progress with your friends. It will work out cheaper per person too!

What does the free consultation consist of?

The consultation will consist of us having a completely informal 15 minute talk about what you want from the personal training and how I can help you, some form filling and also a body composition assessment (measuring weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass). No exercise will take place, so it wont be necessary to wear exercise clothing. Also, and most importantly, we will book your first session in and your first step to your fitness and health goals

Health Insurance

Can I claim Health Insurance through you?

Yes! As a member of the CNHC, Bupa, and other major insurances companies (e.g. healthshield, westfield health and simplyhealth) will accept treatments offered by me. Be sure to double check your policy! Receipts available on request with session notes.