"I have had a treatment session today. Acupuncture on my knee and then a massage and acupuncture on my upper back. I feel so much more relaxed, calmer and have ten times less pain and tension." - Sarah Cook, Sports Therapy client 

Sports Therapy is about the management of all musculo-skeletal injuries, and how to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate them. 

Tension headaches, back ache or pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, muscle tightness and anything else related to your muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons can been seen to here. 

If you have found your issue is starting to affect your day to day living then I am the person to see, book a Initial Consultation with me to get you on the right track to recovery!


"Informative, motivating and I’m making great progress" - Jess Lewis, personal training client 

Feeling a little unfit and unhealthy and not sure the best way to progress or use the gym? Then Personal Training is for you.


As a Personal Trainer my job is get you in the right direction, become more competent in the gym and help you achieve the results you want. 


As a sports therapist, my anatomy and physiology knowledge is far more in-depth than your average PT and with many years of experience in the field, I will know how to get the most out of your time within the gym to reach your goals. In addition, I specialise in helping people with chronic injuries, pain or problems and can find ways for you to make strides within the gym. 


Don't delay to improve your fitness and start now!

Personal Training Cardiff

my NEW Book

'How to train your vegan'

A evidence-based comprehensive guide to plant-based fitness

Looks at health, fat-loss, cardiovascular fitness, building muscle and strength, and how plants underpin all this.